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Competition for choir conductors I.A. Mikhailovsky

Competition for choir conductors I.A. Mikhailovsky

11/26/22 - 11/27/22

Tula, Russia

The competition was founded in 2018 in memory of the outstanding choral conductor People's Artist of Russia Iosif Aleksandrovich Mikhailovsky, who for 40 years headed the Tula State Choir, as well as the Tula Regional Philharmonic. Read more...
In February 2000, the Tula Regional Philharmonic Society was named after I.A. Mikhailovsky for outstanding services in the field of musical education.
The history of the country, its culture is made up of the fate of individuals. The life and work of Iosif Aleksandrovich Mikhailovsky - a conductor, composer, public figure, a bright graduate of the Moscow Conservatory - opens up interesting pages not only in his biography, but also in the biographies of many famous artists and bands with whom he collaborated throughout his life.
On February 1, 2020, the choral community widely celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of I.A. Mikhailovsky with a series of concerts dedicated to the master and a large-scale Conference of the Association of Folk and Choirs of the Russian Musical Union in Tula.
Every year the program of the next International Competition of Choral Conductors named after I.A.Mikhailovsky is traditionally compiled from the repertoire of the Tula State Choir and includes works by contemporary domestic and foreign composers.
1. Regulations on the competition
  • The founders of the International Competition for Choir Conductors named after I.A. Mikhailovsky (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”) are the Tula Regional Philharmonic named after I.A. Mikhailovsky, the Foundation for the Development of Creative Initiatives with the assistance of the Association of Folk and Choral Groups of the Russian Musical Union.
  • The competition is held annually in cooperation with the Association of Culture "Festival&Contest" within the framework of the International Festival-Competition "Italian Evenings in Russia".
  • Place and date of the competition: Russian Federation, Tula, Tula Regional Philharmonic named after I.A. Mikhailovsky, Hall of Columns of the Noble Assembly (Tula, Lenina Avenue, 44) November 26 - 27, 2022.
  • The symbols and logo of the Competition, as well as the layouts of the booklet, diplomas and diplomas, are approved by the Organizing Committee.
  • The organizing committee is formed and approved by the founder of the Competition.
  • The International Jury of the Competition is formed from among reputable musicians, conductors, teachers, public figures:
  • Massimo Carpegna - symphonic and choir conductor, associate professor, vice-rector of the Musical Academy of Modena and Carpi named after Orazio Vecchi and Antonio Tonelli (Modena, Italy)
  • Alexei Kubyshkin - Associate Professor of the Department of Conducting, Rector of the Petrozavodsk State
  • Conservatory named after A.K. Glazunov, laureate of all-Russian and international competitions, head of the chamber orchestra "Nord West Studium" (Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  • Elena Rudzey – Professor of the Conducting Department of the Novosibirsk State Conservatory named after M.I. Glinka, Artistic Director, author of concert projects and conductor of the International Festival of Contemporary Music “Siberian Seasons” (Novosibirsk, Russia)
  • Alexander Solovyev - professor, acting Rector of the Academy of Choral Art named after V.S. Popov, Artistic Director of the Tula State Choir, Member of the World Choir Council of the INTERKULTUR Association, Head of the Association of Folk and Choral Groups of the Russian Musical Union (Moscow, Russia)
2. Goals and objectives of the competition
  • raising the prestige of the specialty "conductor of an academic choir";
  • search for and support of the most talented young musicians-choirmasters, as well as assistance in their professional development;
  • attracting the attention of the general public to modern choral performance;
  • exchange of professional international experience in the specialty "choral conducting";
  • popularization of choral compositions by contemporary domestic and foreign composers.
2. The order of the competition
a) Competitive auditions are held according to a mixed system and consist of three rounds: the first round is by correspondence, the second and third are held in public.
The first round - sending to the Organizing Committee a video recording of the piano performance by heart of R.K. Shchedrin's composition "The Parable" (Art. N. Glazkov).
The second round - work with the choir on the choral score from the repertoire of the Tula State Choir, which the contestant draws by lot at the time of entering the work with the choir. The list of compositions and scores for the preparation of the contestants are available on this official page of the Competition.
Those who scored the most points in the first two rounds (no more than 8 contestants) are allowed to the final Third Round - a gala concert of laureates, where the contestant conducts the score, on which he worked on in the second round, by the Tula State Choir. The contestant who performed at the gala concert in the opinion of the jury was the most professionally convincing and artistically successful, is declared the winner of the Grand Prix of the competition.
b) The order of full-time performance of the contestants is established by a draw before the start of the second round. All participants admitted to the second round must be present at the draw, which will take place on November 26, 2022 at 10:00 in the Hall of Columns of the Noble Assembly of Tula, the venue of the Competition.
c) The duration of the contestant's work with the choir is up to 12 minutes. According to the collective decision of the jury of the Competition, the work with the choir of any participant can be stopped or reduced.
d) The score, twice drawn by the contestants by lot for working with the choir, is excluded from the further holding of the second round.
e) The jury evaluates the first and second rounds on a 100-point system (correspondence to the author's text, conducting technique, general artistic impression). Points based on the results of two rounds are summed up (if the contestant passes to the next round).
f) There is no limit to the number of contestants who pass to the second round.
g) The winner of the competition - the Grand Prix winner is determined by a simple vote of the jury members (1 vote - 1 jury member) based on the results of the performance in the Third round.
h) Competitors who score over 90 points after two rounds become the holders of the titles of the 1st prize laureate; over 80 points - winners of the II prize; over 70 points - laureates of the III prize; over 60 points - winners of the competition; less than 60 points - diplomas of the participants of the competition are awarded.
i) The final results of the Competition will be announced on November 27, 2022 during a gala concert in the Hall of Columns of the Nobility Assembly in Tula.
j) The decisions of the jury are final and cannot be disputed.
4. Prizes of the competition, cost of participation, age restrictions
Competition Prizes
  • The total prize fund of the Contest is 25,000 rubles
  • Performance in 2023 as a conductor with the Tula State Choir
  • The best choirmaster of the competition - the choice of artists of the Tula State Choir
  • Award from the Association "Festival&Contest": free participation in the International festivals-competitions held in Russia and Italy in 2023
  • Special prize from the Association of Folk and Choral Groups of the Russian Musical Union
Participation fee and age restrictions
The fee for participation in the competition is 6,000.00 rubles. Persons under 40 years old as of November 15, 2022 are allowed to participate in the competition.
5. Applications for participation
Applications are submitted on the page of the Association "Festival&Contest":
a) The deadline for submitting an application for participation in the Contest is until October 25, 2022.
b) Along with the submission of the application, the contestants are obliged to provide a photo in sufficient quality for printing. If the participant is a pupil or a student - information about the name of the educational institution, position, surname, name and patronymic of the conducting teacher.
c) The deadline for sending a video recording of the piano performance by heart of the program of the first round is until November 1, 2022.
d) The decision on the admission of contestants to the second round is posted by the Organizing Committee on this official page of the Competition no later than November 15, 2022.
e) All scores will be available for download on this official page of the Competition.
6. Program for the competition
I round
Piano performance by heart of a choral score
R. SHCHEDRIN "Parable"
II round
Work with the choir on a score from the repertoire of the Tula State Choir (by lot)
B. BRITTEN "A Shepherd's Carol"
A. BARAEV "Wait for me"
E. DOLGOVA "Celtic melody"
Y. Evgrafov "Cafe Neringa" from the series "Autumn Cry of the Hawk"
A. KLEVITSKY "There were storms and bad weather"
P. KORYAGIN "To the Exaltation of the Honorable and Life-Giving Cross"
V. LEBEDEV "Like life without spring", free arr. S.Ekimova
R. LEDENEV "Beloved Land"
Belarusian folk song "Kupalinka" arr. A.Lyovina
Y. POTEENKO "The girl sang in the church choir"
Russian folk song "Oh, yes Kalinushka" arr. S. Pudovochkina
A. PYART "Virgin Mary"
M. TARIVERDIEV "In Intelligence", transcription for choir by A. Levin
Spiritual "Steal away" arr. M.Hogan
T. SHATKOVSKAYA "Our Lady of the Virgin, rejoice"
R. SHCHEDRIN "I need little" from the cycle "Khlebnikov-triptych"
ATTENTION! Notes can be downloaded on the competition website:
III round
Performance in the concert program of the score drawn by lot in the second round from the repertoire of the Tula State Choir
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