Gideminos Taranda

- Honorary Artist of Russia
- Title "Man of the year"
- "Silver Cross" badge of honor in the field of "Religion, Culture and Science"
- Cavalier Order of Diaghilev 1st degree "For the benefit of Russian culture"
- Holder of the 3rd degree Order of St. Stanislav "For the conservation and revitalization of the traditions of the art of Russian ballet"
- President of the "Gran Pa" ballet festival
- Olympic medals from Vancouver and London "For promoting the idea of ​​the Olympic movement"
- Medal of the Bryansk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Right Prince Oleg Bryansky of the 1st degree "In blessing for diligent work for the benefit of the Russian Orthodox Church"
- Winner of the Muse d'Oro Award for the popularization of Russian culture and outstanding achievements in the field of culture, literature, science and education of Bulgaria
- "Power" Award "For patriotism and invaluable contribution to the Russian economy"
- Full member of the International Academy of Computerization at the UN
- Member of the Public Chamber of the State of the Union "Belarus and Russia"
- Artist, choreographer, director, legend of the Great Tetra
- The first performer of roles in the ballets "Golden Age" and "Raymond" (choreographer Yu.Grigorovich)
- Member of the choreographic jury for Festival & Contest
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