Elio Cassarà

Elio Cassarà was born in 1974 in Madzara del Vallo (Trapani, Sicily, Italy).
After his studies in Piedmont, he moved to Venice in 1997, and then to Berlin in 2001, where he lives for many years and where he holds several personal exhibitions. It was here that he became interested in landscape painting, which over the years became more synthesized with purely abstract forms.
In 2014 he returned to Venice, where he currently lives and works.
In 2007 a personal exhibition was held at the State People's Museum of Zaecar (Serbia), curated by Bora Dimitrevich and Nina Pogarchic.
In 2016, MUSEO - Observatory of contemporary art in Sicily (Museum of Modern Art in Sicily), directed by the founding director Ezio Pagano, acquired his first work, Elio Cassarà, for its permanent collection, followed by a second acquisition in 2017 and the third in 2020.
In the same year, the Transparency catalog was published in the I Quaderni dell’Arte series, publishing house of the Ezio Pagano Museum.
In 2019 he worked on a project dedicated to landscapes and research of the Baltic Sea, with an exhibition scheduled in Germany in 2021. In 2020 he moved to Moscow to complete a study on Russian medieval art and summarize his impressions in a series of abstract works.
Many critics have shown interest in his work, including Francesco Gallo Mazzeo, Ezio Pagano, Pasquale Lettieri, Nina Pogarchich, Victor Arellano Rey, Gaetano Salerno, Stefan Skovron, Ingrid Maria Torvart.
His works are in many public and private collections both in Italy and abroad.
Member of the jury of events organized by the Festival & Contest cultural association
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