Alfonso De Filippis

Alfonso De Filippis, after his first experiences in Verona, moved to Milan in 1985 where he graduated as a dancer, simultaneously cultivating a strong interest in all forms of stage art with courses, scholarships and following various installations as an auditor.
In those years he participated in ballet and opera productions up to the meeting with Paolo Poli in 1990 with whom he collaborated for twenty years first as an actor and then also as assistant director and choreographer until 2011 in all productions with national tours , with the signatures of Emanuele Luzzati for the sets, Santuzza Calì for the costumes and Jaqueline Perrotin for the music and arrangements *.
He takes care of the staging, direction and scenic movements of some operas in Cuneo, Bra, Nichelino, Cento, Budrio as part of the Colzani lyric competition, under the direction of Marco Balderi, Aldo Salvagno, and in Varese Ligure, under the direction of Dan Ettinger, of the Berlin Stadt Opera
He takes care of the choreography for "Histoire du soldat" at the Ravenna Festival with the company of Paolo Poli and the soloists of the Tuscan Orchestra. # Nbsp;
He takes care of the staging and text of the children's theater show "Bluebeard", with narration by Paolo Poli and sets and costumes by Emanuele Luzzati.
As an assistant director and choreographer, he takes care of the staging of "Favole" with Paolo Poli and four actors / dancers with the masks, costumes and sets by Emanuele Luzzati, music by Ravel, Poulenc, Prokof'ev.
He also works as an organizer of competitions and poetry evenings throughout Italy.
He also conducts theater workshops for beginners to give not only the first tools of knowledge, but above all the passion and respect for a "work" that never ends, which can only grow. # Nbsp;
Poetry, where the inner feeling becomes sharing, remains one of his favorite expressions, adventure and refuge.
In 2014 he collaborated with Micromega as a director, staging the show "Small Conjugal Crimes" by # nbsp; Éric-Emanuel Schmitt
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