Alexander Batyrgian Smakov

He studies singing music in Kazakhstan, as a rare talent and too particular voice he is invited to continue his studies in Italy. Here he studies with: Alla Simoni, Anna Vandi # nbsp; ("Accademia Santa Cecilia" in Rome), Raina Kabaiwanska, Lella Cuberli ("Teatro LaScala" in Milan), Stefano Demichelli, Antonio Juvarra, Harriet Lawson, Alessandro Benigni, Andres Juncos , Christina Mazzavillani Muti, Gianni Tangucci, William Matteuzzi, Alberto Zedda, Gemma Bertagnolli. Later he will be called as a soloist in the national opera theater of Astana. In Italy he works as director of the # nbsp; «International Choir of San-Nicola» (CISN).
One of the most requested jurors at international competitions thanks to his knowledge in all areas of music.
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