Margherita Parrilla

Of a Polish mother and an Italian father, Margherita Parrilla was born in Rome. She began studying classical dance at the school of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, directed by Attilia Radice, where she graduated in 1967. You continue your artistic training under the guidance of important masters such as Natalia Dudinskaya, Vladimir Lupov, Zarko Prebil, Eugheni Poliakov, Nina Vyroubova, Erik Bruhn. In April 1979 she received the nomination of prima ballerina of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome. Later, she joined her activity as a dancer alongside that of artistic and company director and for 17 years she directed the National Academy of Dance in Rome, a position assigned to her "for clear fame". Since September 2016, she has been appointed by ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System) as a senior expert in the evaluation of AFAM institutions - Higher artistic, musical and dance training, in the dance sector.
Member of the jury of events organized by the Festival & Contest cultural association
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