Sabrina Gasparini

For over 28 years she has been an appreciated interpreter of national and international author music in which she has demonstrated her interpretative soul in which she stands out. She boasts collaborations with the best musicians in the area. Collaborating with Claudio Ughetti and # nbsp; Tiziano Chiapelli on the accordion, Gentjan Llukaci on the violin, Denis Biancucci, Stefano Malferrari on the piano, he participates with Ensemble d'Autore in duo, trio and quartet in various musical reviews of northern Italy including Echi Musicali , The Suitcase of Sounds, Ribalta Marea, Ultrapadum Festival, Thursdays at the Ducal Garden, Artinscena, Author Meetings, Slow Flute and many others.
The group performs in various Italian theaters with the projects MUSICA SENZA CONFINI, IL MARE di MEZZO (with flamenco atmospheres), ROSSO TANGO and CINEMA MUSICA DA VEDERE, enjoying wide acclaim.
In 2010 you recorded the CD Ensemble D ’author - Musica senza confine e NOTE NòTE and live with WAO Orchestra, the homonymous CD. In 2014 the CD MUSICA & MENTE was released.
Her intense interpretative research leads her to tackle “learned” genres such as Hebrew songs, Yiddish, tango and popular songs. You offer thematic concerts on the great female voices, on the texts of Italian songwriting schools and international songwriting
Since 2012, For the Emilia Romagna Region (Presidency Consulta Cultura) with Gentjan Llukaci on the violin, Denis Biancucci on the piano and Tiziano Chiapelli on the accordion, he has performed concerts in Brazil to promote Italian musical culture in the world, performing in important theaters in Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo etc. You have collaborated since 2011 with the Friends of the Loggiato Committee in Sarzana (SP), coordinating the SPIROS ARGIRIS International Opera Competition, directed by Sabino Le Noci (Director of the magazine L 'Opera) and chaired by Soprano Raina Kabaivanska and in 2017 by Katia Ricciarelli. In 2009 with Simonetta Aggazzotti he founded the association for social and cultural promotion SALOTTO CULTURALE AGGAZZOTTI of Modena.
Since 2010 in Piazza XX Settembre he has conceived and coordinated IL SALOTTO IN PIAZZA, an event that takes place in July and August, with enormous success with audiences and critics.
He created the first BRUNO SERRI International Accordion Competition with great success, held in the city of Serramazzoni in July 2016, gathering participants from Italy and abroad and confirming himself as a great success for 2017.
President of the Association since 2012, he carries out extensive organization, coordination and management of music festivals and events in Northern Italy.
He plays an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad.
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