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We are glad to inform all our readers, and especially vocalists and choirs, that the International Vocal Competition Super Voices, scheduled to be held in Moscow from October 29 to 30, will be held with the support of the Popov Choral Academy!

We remind you that the following nominations can be signed up for the competition:
  • Soloists vocalists
  • Vocal ensembles
  • Choruses
  • Author's song
  • Musical
There is no mandatory program, each is assessed in its own age category. You can record in all styles of performance: modern and academic vocals, folk vocals and many others.

They are waiting for you:
  • international diplomas
  • letters of thanks
  • commemorative signs to the most talented
  • TOTAL PRIZE FUND - 40.000.00 rubles!!!

It is possible to participate in an absentee format, the winners of which will immediately get into the final round! We are waiting for your applications for this prestigious competition!
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