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For artists
“I always do what I don’t know how to learn how to do it”
Vincent Van Gogh
Small, beginner, established artists, sculptors, creators of arts and crafts, and other creative areas such as computer design or photography, folk and stage costume designers are invited to take part. Individual or collective works, drawings in gouache, oil, pencil, ink, any technique and on any topic, expressing the idea laid down by the master. After all, our events are not just a competition for artists, Festival&Contest organizes a large-scale event in such a format that your art expresses your thought and soul, emphasizes your skills. Your vision of the world is worthy of getting to know the audience of the event, as well as famous artists and art critics. By organizing a collective exhibition of the participants' works within the framework of the Festival, we try to emphasize the peculiarity of each Author.
The exhibition of participants is placed in the lobby of theaters where festivals are held so that everyone can enjoy the art, and the jury members carefully evaluate the works based on the age and experience of the Author, trying to understand the subtle soul of the artist.
All participants are awarded international diplomas, the most talented commemorative signs and certificates with prizes that contribute to participation in prestigious events abroad and the knowledge of new cultures.
Teachers and older participants will be interested in “round tables” with jury members, where they can discuss what they have seen, get advice on further development, and receive proposals for hosting exhibitions, both personal and group. For participants, master classes in fine arts and photography techniques are organized on a specific topic, personal certificates are issued on passing the master class.
All projects are aimed at the cultural and personal growth of the Author, because the participants share and spread the values ​​of visual art.
Can take part
  • (Individual participants, schools, studios)
  • Works in watercolor
  • Oil works
  • Pastel works
  • Tempera works
  • Pencil work
  • Photo
  • Computer design and graphics
  • Costume and accessories stylists
  • Decorative and applied art
  • Sculpture
  • craft
  • architectural layout
  • Folk art
  • Painting on hard and soft materials
  • Children's drawing
  • Other
Events for artists
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