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“Art speaks more languages than man could ever imagine”
We are much more than an ordinary organizer of competitions in choreography, vocals, music, theater, visual arts or other forms of art.
A non-profit cultural association of Italian origin organizes events for all artists of all skill levels and ages, inspired by the concept of the word “art” as a universal language that connects cultures and peoples.
Implemented projects put the participant in the forefront, provide an opportunity for personal growth and the opportunity to show their own qualities in front of a specialized panel of judges, which includes world-class Maestro, specially selected for each art form.
Performances on professional stages in front of a large audience.
The event programs are enriched with master classes, performances of general numbers, lectures, where participants can learn new trends in various arts directly from world-class teachers and stars.
The format of the events provides for the competitive part, which has a qualification, rather than a competitive evaluation system, where all participants will be able to perform and receive an adequate assessment of their creativity based on the age category of each participant.
Each participant receives an international diploma at the Gala Concert of the event, where the most talented or brightest participants, selected by the artistic director of the festival, perform. At the awards ceremony, participants are given gift certificates with the opportunity to participate free of charge in other events organized by the Festival&Contest or to study free of charge with famous Maestro abroad and at home.

Prizes and certificates given to participants serve as a stimulus for personal growth, they invite you to replenish your own cultural baggage through trips to events in other countries.

Over the years of its activity, the association has received support and patronage from the Ministries and the State. structures hosting events. Among them are the Ministries of Culture and Education of Russia, Kazakhstan, San Marino, Spain and Italy, where the Festival&Contest is recognized and accredited in the “official plan of the arts under the Ming. education in Italy” (Piano delle Arti del MIUR) in 2020.


Any level of professional artists, amateurs, students or children, of any age and any background, any form of art from folk traditions to modern styles can apply to participate in any of the events organized by the Festival&Contest.

We are at your complete disposal for the best organization of your trip to our event.

In the case of your trip to a foreign festival, we will prepare for you a complete package of documents for obtaining visas, help you choose the most profitable flight, take care of all the details of the trip and advise on all matters related to the trip. Your trip should be comfortable, easy and unforgettable!

How to apply

The application is submitted on the website of the organizers or by e-mail

Special attention is paid to participants in special categories: the disabled, children with physical disabilities, children from large families, orphans, the elderly. They are provided with impressive discounts for participation or quotas for free participation.


FESTIVAL & CONTEST is constantly looking for new collaborations in the field of art with art institutions, educators and professional artists for cultural exchange, to create joint new projects or maintain existing ones, to exchange premium certificates with free participation, to cooperate as jury members at our events .

We will be happy to get to know you and your proposals, write to us at


Hosting an event organized by Festival&Contest in your city is a good opportunity to enrich the list of city events. Festival&Contest does not ask for a budget for the event, it asks for information and logistical support, written support for the event. All our programs are drawn up for at least 3 years and guarantee the development of the project and the attraction of cultural tourist flows to your city. All nominations will be considered

Contact us at and together we will create a project that will highlight the features of your territory, history and culture.


The Association accepts only charitable donations in the form of payment for the participation or accommodation and flight of talented participants, guaranteeing itself advertising in our events. Supporting young artists from your city or region is a pride for any commercial company. If necessary, we are always at your disposal to find worthy creative teams in your region.

Contact us at and together we will develop the most prestigious option for you!

Our partners and collaborations
Oleg Vinogradov Foundation (USA)
Luciano Pavarotti Foundation (Italy)
Ensemble of song and dance them. A. Aleksandrova (Russia)
CID Unesco for Choreography (France)
Academy of Choral Art. V.S. Popova (Russia)
Committee for the Study of Music at the min. Education of Italy (MIUR) (Italy)
The plan of arts at mi. Education of Italy (MIUR) (Italy)
National project in Kazakhstan “Rukhani Zhangyru” (Kazakhstan)
Committee for Culture of the City of Moscow (Russia)
Russian State Pedagogical University. A.I. Herzen (Russia)
Institute of Music “Vecchi Tonelli” (Italy)
Association “Classic All Music” (Italy)
Association “Accademia dell’Arcangelo” (Italy)
Foundation for Creative Initiatives (Russia)
Tula Regional Philharmonic (Russia)
Information agency “Musical Klondike” and “Art Center” (Russia)
School of Children's Ballet by Ilya Kuznetsov (Russia)
Cultural Center “Dialogue” Veliky Novgorod (Russia)
Committee for Culture and Youth Policy of Veliky Novgorod (Russia)
Department of Culture and Tourism of Caleila (Spain)
Festival Host

Modena, Italy

St. Petersburg, Russia

Tula, Russia

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Caleila, Spain

Saratov, Russia

Moscow, Russia

Porto San Giorgio, Italy

Pesaro, Italy

Veliky Novgorod, Russia

Cesenatico, Italy

San Marino, Republic of San Marino

Rimini, Italy

Gabicce Mare, Italy

Villafranca di Verona, Italy

Nur-Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan

Rome, Italy

Bellaria, Italy

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