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For dancers
“Some things can be expressed in words, others only in movements”
Pina Bausch
It's not just choreography competitions! Festival&Contest gives its participants the opportunity to showcase their achievements on a professional stage suitable for choreography, with a special surface suitable for pointe dancers, barefoot dancers, folk dancers, contemporary dancers, street dancers and classical ballet dancers. Gives you the opportunity to be judged by world-class jury members, specially selected for each event.
Master classes, general performances, classes in different areas of dance, the exchange of pedagogical experience enrich each event and will not let anyone get bored.
Teachers are offered meetings with jury members in the form of a “round table”, where they will discuss together what they saw at the competition and give practical advice. The jury members are always ready to answer any questions, direct the dancer to the correct development, and share their own experience.
The artistic director of the event will choose individual participants or groups to perform at the Gala Concert with existing numbers or suggest combining them with other art forms, this is how unique numbers for each concert are born!
The choreographer and jury member organizes the staging of a general performance for a performance at the Gala Concert, where all those who signed up for the “dance creativity” nomination take part. As a rule, this number closes the festive Gala Concert and the awards ceremony begins.
All participants receive international diplomas with an assessment received from the jury, the most talented are awarded with commemorative signs and certificates with special awards that make it possible to travel, participate in prestigious competitions for free and study abroad for free, including.
All projects are aimed at the cultural and personal growth of the dancer, because the participants share and spread the values of the great dance art.
Can take part
  • (Individual members and collectives)
  • classical ballet
  • Neoclassical ballet
  • Contemporary dance (modern, contemporary, jazz)
  • pop dance
  • Hip Hop (and all kinds of street dancing)
  • Folk dance
  • Folk-stylized dance
  • Sports dance
  • ballroom dance
  • Ethnic and tribal dance
  • East Dance
  • Children's dance
  • Other
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