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For theater goers
“Do your part - there is glory in it”
William Shakespeare
Readers, theater groups of small and large forms, students, children, amateurs or professionals, classical, modern or folk theatrical forms, musicals, of any composition and of any age can take part in the Festival&Contest events. And this is not just a theatrical competition - it is an extensive creative project, where theatrical art is given a place of honor. Participants will be able to submit excerpts from selected productions to the competition or simply read a poem by their favorite poet or author's work, all of which will be auditioned by 1 jury members specially selected for the event. The panel of judges consists of accomplished actors, theater directors, producers and other professionals involved in the wonderful world of theater.
A professional theater is provided for the performance, where the smallest participants will be able to take their first steps in the world of art, and adults will offer the reading of their favorite works to the owl.
All participants receive international diplomas with the obtained score, the most talented commemorative signs and certificates with special awards, giving the opportunity to travel and participate in other cultural projects free of charge, including abroad.
The program is full of master classes, chicken tables for teachers, where they can hear the opinion of the jury members, get practical advice, work on the repertoire and other issues for professional and pedagogical work.
The brightest participants will be invited to participate in the Gala Concert of the event, after which the awards ceremony will take place.
All projects are aimed at the cultural and personal growth of the artist, because the participants share and spread the values of the great theatrical art.
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