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From Verdi to Tchaikovsky, from the Opera of Rome to the Bolshoi Theatre, from Pavarotti to Nureyev, Italy and Russia have always dominated the world panorama of art and culture. And the events organized by our association have the most important task: to promote cultural exchange, to help any artist who wants to deepen their knowledge of their native culture through participation in festivals held in Italy and Russia. The format of the Evenings project is inclusive and therefore invites all artists to participate, from schoolchildren to professionals. All of them will be able to perform on the professional stage, show their own achievements in a friendly atmosphere, and not only in the competitive part for all types of arts: choreography, vocals, musical instruments, folk art, theater, fine and arts and crafts, but also in the Gala Concert closing of the festival, performing together with the world-class Maestro. The program includes master classes, general classes and performances, all this stimulates the growth and development of any artist.

The project provides an excellent opportunity to get to know the culture and history of the cities where the festival takes place, including Pesaro, Modena, Rome, Italy and Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tula in Russia.

Over the years, the project has been supported by the Ministries of Culture of both states, as well as by the Italian Ministry of Education and in particular by MIUR, where Festival&Contest is accredited and supports music school students who want to exchange experiences.
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