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We Dance Saint Petersburg

International competition and intensive for dancers and choreographers

01.03.23 - 05.03.23

St. Petersburg, Russia

WE DANCE is a project entirely dedicated to choreography that has been successfully taking place in Italy for several years. Read more...
A huge number of beginners and established dancers from all over the world come to it to show their own skills, take part in master classes, and compete for prestigious project awards. From 2022, WE DANCE will also be held in the cultural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg.

The international project invites individual dancers and dance schools to participate, soloists, duets, ensembles and dance groups who wish to receive an adequate assessment of their work from respected jury members and who wish to establish international cooperation in the field of dance for their further career can take part in it. The competition has a qualification, not a competitive principle of evaluation. All participants will receive certificates of training from CID UNESCO Dance.
The competition is divided into two stages: the competitive part and the final Gala Concert.
1. The main thing about the event
Event organizers
– “Festival&Contest” (Italy) – international cultural association
— Zhanna Baibakova — project coordinator


Intensive courses - professional ballet classes in St. Petersburg
Competition - professional theater of St. Petersburg

Application deadlines
In-person:: Deadline for applications - 14 days before the start
Deadline for payment of participation fees - 10 days before the start
In absentia: Deadline for applications - 5th day after the end of the in-person event
Deadline for payment of participation fees - 7th day after the end of the face-to-face event
2. Creative nominations, age categories, timing, cost of participation in the competition
Creative nominations
  • Classical and neoclassical choreography
  • Contemporary choreography (all styles)
  • Contemporary dance
  • Hip-Hop, street, free style
  • Folk and folk-stylized dance
  • Children's dance
  • soloists
  • duets
  • teams of 3 or more people
Age categories
BABY - up to 7 years
UNDER - from 8 to 10 years
JUNIOR - from 11 to 13 years old
SENIOR - from 14 to 17 years old
OVER - over 18 years
*As part of a team, up to 20% of participants from an older age category are allowed. If more than 20% of participants of another category, it is necessary to enroll in an older group.
Cost of participation
Soloist (1 performance, maximum 4 minutes) - € 30,00
Duet (1 performance, maximum 4 minutes) - € 24,00 / per person
Group of 3-5 people (maximum 2 performances, 8 minutes) - € 19,00 / per person.
Group of 6-10 people (maximum 2 performances, 8 minutes) - € 16,00 / per person.
Group of 11-20 people (maximum 2 performances, 8 minutes) - € 15,00 / per person.
Group of 21 or more people (maximum 2 performances, 8 minutes) - € 10,00 / per person.
It is possible to use props that are easily assembled during the competition, the responsibility for the safety of the participants rests with the participants themselves. During the competitive part, white theatrical light is provided.
ATTENTION! There is no time for rehearsal. 2 minutes are given per participant / team to mark the stage.
Children under 7 years old - 20% discount on participation
Children from 7 to 9 years old - 10% discount for participation
Adults over 60 - 10% discount
Disabled people, orphans, children from large families - 50% discount
Distance participation (without the inscription on the diploma “in absentia”) - 50% discount
3. Master classes and their cost
Master classes
By appointment only, a personalized certificate of completion of the master class signed by the Maestro is issued. It is necessary to find out in advance the name of the Maestro and the number of available seats.
Master classes:
Intensive courses - € 150,00 (12 master classes, 3 per day, classical, folk and modern dance, teachers from around the world, issuance of a personal certificate signed by the Maestro.)
Additional master classes - € 35,00 (90 minutes, it is possible to choose different styles of dance, teachers from different countries of the world, issuance of a personal certificate signed by the Maestro)
As part of the Competition, a Gala Concert will be held with an awards ceremony for participants.
Among all participants and groups, regardless of the score, the organizers of the competition will choose the brightest numbers to perform at the final concert of the competition (the choice of performances does not depend on the panel of judges, on the score, but only on the colorfulness of the number). All other participants attend the concert as spectators and go up to the stage for the awards ceremony. Participants selected to perform at the concert will be notified the evening before by telephone.
General staging performances
All participants registered for the competition will take part in a general dance performance, which will be shown to the public at the Gala Concert, as the final number of the concert. The choreographer - dance director can be either a member of the jury or the Artistic Director of the competition.
Event program
1 day - Wednesday
In the morning - intensive courses in choreography
Day 2 - Thursday
In the morning - intensive courses in choreography
Day 3 - Friday
In the morning - intensive courses in choreography
Competitive part of the project, nominations: modern, pop, children's dance, modern, contemporary, hip-hop.
Day 4 - Saturday
In the morning - intensive courses in choreography
Competitive part of the project, nominations: classical and folk dance.
Day 5 - Sunday
In the morning - additional master classes (optional)
In the afternoon - staging a common dance (3 hours, all participants) for a performance at the evening Gala Concert.
In the evening - Gala Concert and awards ceremony.
4. Jury evaluation system, awards, sponsors
Competitive part grading system
  • The jury members will evaluate the participants according to the following criteria: technique and preparation based on the declared age of the participants, musicality, synchronicity, etc.
  • - The competition has a qualifying, not a competitive method of evaluation. Each participant will receive their grade, on the basis of which they will be awarded a degree. Thus, an unlimited number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd places can be awarded. The competition is necessary for the growth of young artists, for new emotions necessary for creative development, for getting a real appreciation of creativity.
  • - All members of the jury will evaluate the participants on a 100 point system. All scores will be summed up and divided by the number of jury members, thus obtaining an average score. Depending on the score received, participants are awarded degrees:
  • 100 points - GRAN PRIZE - a single award regardless of the nomination and category
  • 99-90 points - Laureate of the 1st degree
  • 89-80 points - Laureate of the 2nd degree
  • 79-70 points - Laureate of the 3rd degree
  • less than 70 points - Participant
Jury members
The most famous dancers and choreographers from around the world. The exact composition of the jury members will be announced in advance.
Competition Prizes
GRAN PRIZE SOLOIST & DUO: diploma, commemorative badge, free participation in the International We Dance Italy Competition and free participation in We Dance Italy intensive courses this summer.
GRAN PRIZE GROUP: diploma, commemorative badge, free participation in the International We Dance Italy Competition, 50% discount on participation in We Dance Italy intensive courses this summer.
MASTER DANCE AWARD (awarded to the best teacher/choreographer): Jury member with fee, general dance performance with fee, free hotel accommodation (3 days) at the We Dance Italy International Competition this summer.
Laureate of the 1st degree: diploma, commemorative badge, 50% discount for participation in the competition and intensive courses of We Dance Italy this summer.
Laureate 2 degree: diploma, 25% discount for participation in the competition and intensive courses We Dance Italy this summer.
Laureate 3 degree: diploma, 10% discount for participation in the competition and intensive courses We Dance Italy this summer.
Jury members may award individual prizes.
Official invitations and letter for sponsors
The organizers are ready to prepare official letters for sponsors, administrations, cultural departments, school directors, etc. with a request to support your trip to the Competition. To do this, you need to send to the address the full name addressed to whom we are making an invitation, the full name of the organization that he leads and the full name of the participant or the name of the team that we are inviting.
5. Accommodation of participants and free time
Travel package
Accommodation in triple room - € 390,00 per person
Accommodation in double room - € 490,00 per person
Accommodation in single room - € 590,00 per person
ATT.NE! 1 Free triple room per group per 15 participants.
The quota includes:
- Accommodation in the chosen room in HTL 3 * with breakfast
- Transfer from and by airport (on the dates set by the program)
- Transfer from HTL to and from the school of dance for the lessons for the enrollees
- Transfer from HTL to the theatre for the competition for the enrollees
- Medical insurance valid in the Russian Federation throughout the period of stay (7 days)
- 24 hours a day Italian language assistance throughout your stay (7 days)
- Help fill in visa applications for Russia - The Consular Visa Release Tax for Russia
The fee does not include:
- Air tickets
- Lunches and dinners
- Medical insurance supplement for travellers over 65 (based on age)
- Optional excursions and tickets in theatres
- All that is not indicated in "The quota includes"
Extra activities: Costs and programs of excursions, visits, evenings to theatre and other activities will be defined at the end of the registration.

Withdrawal terms
Penalty rates that will be applied on the participation fee from the day on which the written notification of cancellation of customers will be received (excluding from the calculation the Saturdays, all public holidays, the day of departure and the one on which the communication is made):
40% for cancellations received from the time of booking to 30 days prior to departure,
60% for cancellations received from 29 to 10 days prior to departure,
80% for cancellations received from 9 to 3 days prior to departure,
100% for cancellations after that date and in case of non-presentation at departure;
* Notice of cancellation must be made in writing and must be received within the 13.00 hours of the last working day preceding the date of departure. After that time cancellations will be considered no-show.
NB: the cancellation of the trip by a participant with double or triple room accommodation entails the payment of the single or double supplement to the other participants in case the reseller is not replaced.

Cost of optional activities (excursions, tickets in theatres):
Will be communicated within 30 days before the event.

Documents required for the trip
- Passport valid for at least 6 months from the end of the stay.
- Photo or PDF in good/high resolution, readable in every part of the first page of the passport with all data of the subscriber.
- Report any travel to Russia previous.
- Indicate working position or school/university attended.

Free time
St. Petersburg is rightfully the cultural capital of Russia, it will not be possible to see everything in one trip, so you can organize your leisure time in your free time from the festival by visiting: the Hermitage Museums, the Russian Museum, the Mariinsky Theatre, the Alexandrinsky Theatre, the Mikhailovsky Theatre, the Palace Square, Isaakievsky Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral and much more.
Guided tours are organized for large groups. You can find out information by writing to
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